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Testimonials- See what others are saying about Attorney Young

The decision of which attorney to hire for yourself or a loved one is always a difficult one. One of the best ways to choose an attorney is by looking at that attorney's reputation with other clients and attorneys, both locally and nationally. Below find a sampling of what attorneys and clients have to say about Attorney William A. Young, Jr.

William is one of the premier DUI attorneys in the state of Tennessee. He has earned a reputation as a superb criminal defense attorney. I recommend him without reservation.
Injury Attorney Russell Lewis, IV, Memphis, TN

William is a bright young lawyer with professional legal research and writing skills and a true enthusiasm for the law.
Attorney Tiffany Donaldson

Attorney Young is a diligent advocate for the motorist among us who has been accused of a crime. He uses his reputation, knowledge and experience to try to minimize or eliminate the consequences that might be in front of a citizen among us who is accused. He understands that this is not a case, but a life and can totally change a lifestyle and destroy a family. He takes these cases personally and wants to be a difference maker in every case that he is entrusted with. 
DUI Attorney Justin McShane, The McShane Firm, Harrisburg, PA

William is an excellent attorney whose work I endorse without reservation. He has, in a very short time, earned a reputation as a skillful advocate who will go above and beyond to see to it that his clients receive the best outcome possible in each case. Anyone looking to hire a criminal defense attorney in the Memphis area should make William Young their first call. 

DUI Attorney John Barnes, The Garza Law Firm, Knoxville, TN

William is a very bright and hardworking lawyer. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense or personal injury attorney.

Medical Malpractice Attorney Thomas Greer, Bailey and Greer, Memphis, TN

I endorse this lawyer.
Injury Attorney Bruce Fox, Fox and Farley, Clinton, TN

William is an intelligent, hard working, and ambitious young lawyer who works diligently for his client's efforts.
Attorney P. Alex Vogel, O'Neil, Parker and Williamson, Knoxville, TN

I have found Mr. Young to be a trustworthy and respectable attorney. I have had attorneys in the past that did not seem to show much concern for the importance of doing their best to help me, but Mr. Young is a breath of fresh air. He has kept in touch with me and has let me know what he planned on doing every step of the way and has responded to my emails and my phone calls promptly. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a reliable attorney." 
Client Kimberly M., Bartlett, TN

Mr. Young had the entire case completed on the fourth business day. Mr. Young explained everything thoroughly and kept in contact until the case was completed. I would recommend Mr. Young.
Client Sherrill S., Bartlett, TN

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